Why white hat Seo is better than black hat Seo?

Difference between black hat seo and white hat seo

Black hat seo are techniques or practices involved in manipulating the system to rank high in search engine result page

This is an illegal practice which often result to manual action(penalty to a given site).

Keyword stuffing, cloaking, reciprocal linking are all example of black hat seo.

In deed it’s easy and fast but the consequences are unbearable (drastic drop in ranking/traffic)

White hat seo in the other hand is a way we optimize our blog/post following webmaster guidelines and it’s algorithms.

Google rewards sites that do follow these guides.

Writing comprehensive content without stuffing keywords is a white hat practice

White hat technique is long and not as fast as black hat but it’s of great value in long run.

Follow webmaster guidelines
Avoid black hat

Some bloggers often got tired of Blogging sometimes because of huge drop in traffic. It might be caused by a manual action imposed on your blog for violating webmaster guidelines or practicing black hat.

Some practice black hat without knowing and this is a bad practice that would take you no where in blogging

Master the basics and grow to an advanced and experienced level in seo

Get a blogging mentor to walk you throw the shadow of blogging downfalls

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