Creating impressive urls for website

Tips to Create Impressive Website URLs

We often come across website Universal Resource Locators (URLs) / links that have jumbled letters, confused combination of words, weird numbers and hard to remember characters.

For example (SEO Content Writer)


This ( type of confusing URL is always hard to remember and it affects the traffic and branding. Furthermore, search engines dislike such confusing links, which results in affecting the organic page ranking for the website.

Therefore, the links should comprise of relevant and relative keywords along with the special characters. Wherein, the webmasters need to devote special attention while using the special characters in the links, as the inappropriate use might create an issue with the search engine crawlers. Lastly, URLs need to follow all the search engine’s guidelines to gain better results on the top searches. Thus, the URLs that have followed all the above-mentioned suggestions are the ones, which are informative and assumed as friendly URLs or links. This ( type of link is easy to remember, explanatory, and liked by Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Bing crawlers.

Here are a few tips to create friendly URLs for your domain or company:

Never try to create URLs in a hurry. Creating links involves thinking about the brand, company value, future endeavors, target markets and users. Once you have compiled all the thoughts and have created imaginary URLs in mind, make sure that the links adhere to the desired guidelines provided by the search engines.. Therefore, take your good time and create friendly URLs.

A URL is the content’s primary source of identity. Every webmaster needs to create a relative flat folder structure for the websites. It should be straight and descriptive. Therefore, create the directory structure first, and afterward branch out the descriptive URLs.


Keep the link straight and simple. This helps users find the content easily, which they can remember it for the next time. Google has always supported the simple and easy way to understand websites’ links, and has promoted the related organic rankings. In case you encounter several difficulties in creating links for the website(s), then the better option you can adopt is to hire a search engine marketing firm to create friendly URLs for your company website(s).

Many webmasters assume that stuffing keywords in URL helps to pull-up the traffic and organic results. Although it is mandatory to use keywords, the links should not project keyword stuffing.


Always use relevant keywords in a healthy manner while creating the links. It should involve keywords that are relevant, but should not project as if you have knowingly stuffed the keywords in the links. Create URLs that indicate directory structure, and should be short and crisp as well. Users appreciate and remember such links for a longer time.

In recent years, SEO industry has witnessed tremendous developments in creating links. Once, you have developed perfect links for your website with the help of search engine marketing professionals, it is the time when you implement strategies for handling 404 errors, 301 redirects and developing XML Sitemaps. Furthermore, opt for custom content management systems to manage content and its related publications. When all such things are implemented with the URLs, the current search engine optimization strategies gain better results on the web.

These are a few tips that can be kept in mind while creating links for the website(s). Creating friendly URLs are the foremost important tasks that provide users a smooth experience on the web as well as crawlers find it easy to locate your website links. These kinds of keywords never affect the organic rankings; in the contrary, they always get promoted in all the top search engines pages.

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